Connection Helps Us Thrive.

We aim to connect every person affected by Parkinsons to the information, resources, and allies they need to thrive.

Our Purpose

We are dedicated to empowering individuals affected by Parkinson's Disease (PD) by providing knowledge and fostering relationships that enhance their quality of life. We aim to cultivate a supportive community and bridge information gaps.

We recognize that navigating life with Parkinson's can be overwhelming, especially when faced with information gaps and uncertainties. That's why we are dedicated to bridging these gaps by serving as a trusted source of information and guidance. Whether it's answering questions, providing referrals to specialized services, or advocating for better access to care, we are here to support individuals every step of the way.

By providing knowledge, fostering relationships, and bridging information gaps, we strive to make a positive difference in the lives of those we serve.

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